Pre-Award Resources

In 2017, the CSU hosted a four-part webcast which can be accessed through the CSU portal. The fourth presentation was facilitated by Dr. Richard Ziegfeld who was introduced as having a 40% win rate on projects worth $1 billion. His excellent presentation on proposal development is useful for faculty at all levels of proposal experience. Dr. Ziegfeld’s presentation focuses on these seven areas: 1. How to decide whether to apply, 2. Organizing the process, 3. Preparing the content, 4. Writing the content, 5. Reviewing and revising, 6. Producing and submitting a proposal, and 7. The Post-submission process.

The Faculty Proposal Development Webinar with Dr. Ziegfeld is available online here: Scroll down to “2017 Faculty Proposal Development Webinar”, and click on “Dr. Richard Ziegfeld’s Workshop.”


Pre-Award Forms & Resources


Institutional Routing and Authorization Form
This form is to be completed as the formal proposal outlining your application to an external funder. The routing form must be completed and submitted to SPF prior to submitting a proposal to a funding agency.

Internal Budget Template (xls)
This form is to be completed as part of the Institutional Routing form 


Internally Administered Competitions & Awards Handout
To assist you in maping out your plans for future submissions with our office, we've created a master chart of all SPF Internally Administered Competitions and Awards. Many of our internal competitions are administered through Humboldt's InfoReady site.

Pre-Award Timeline for Proposal Submission
When do I need to submit my proposal to the Pre-Award Office for a full review?... After having a conversation with your Chair and Dean, the following is a step-by-step timeline you should initiate at a minimum one month preceding the proposal due date. The earlier you start the process, the better for all!

Tips for Writing Strong Grant Proposal Narratives Webcast - Presented by Leslie Ponciano, Ph.D., Director of Research Opportunities, Office of the Chancellor. Friday, January 29, 2021.


Team Review Program for Proposal Development - This program is designed to facilitate review and direct feedback on your grant proposal from an expert (or experts) in your field. You might choose someone who’s successfully received this grant before, someone who is more advanced in the field than you, someone with necessary expertise outside of your field, or you may choose the person you think is your biggest detractor – because not only will they provide a ton of feedback, they will also be ineligible to serve on the review committee.

This program offers three options: 1) coordination of an informal zoom discussion with your peers in the early stages of a grant idea; 2) formal review of a full proposal by an expert of your choice; or 2) formal review of a full proposal by a team of three experts of your choice (only for large, complex, institutional grants). Please note the deadline requirements for each level of review are 6-7 weeks prior to the application deadline.


Research Associates

The designation of 'Research Associate' allows the faculty member to be a Principle Investigator (PI) on Sponsored Programs Foundation grants. Faculty who wish to apply for Research Associate status can complete the DocuSign form below and attach their CV illustrating qualifications. To preview the process, Click Here.

*Note - Please do not initiate the form until you are ready to submit it.

Ready to apply: Request for Research Associate Status Form