Funding & Proposal Support


When you are interested in obtaining grant funding, SPF is available to assist you at each step along the way. If you are looking for funding sources, please see our resources below or contact one of our Pre-Award Specialists to schedule an appointment. Once you have identified where you plan to apply, please inform us by contacting our Pre-Award Office so that we can begin helping you with your proposal submission. Assistance with proposal editing and budget development is also available upon request.

Under Pre-Award Resources, you can find information, tips, and resources on a number of very common proposal components that can help you to plan and develop a responsive and well-structured proposal. Our office also maintains a handout of Internally Administered Competitions/Awards for easy reference. All dates are subject to change based on funding availability, notifications on release of funds, and other external factors that may alter timelines. Always check back on the website for the most current competition details, or contact your Pre-Award Specialist.

When you are ready to apply for a grant, we are here to guide you through the details of preparing and submitting an application, including rule sets for different funding categories (e.g. federal, state, non-profit) and for including subcontractors in your project. Your Pre-Award Specialist is there to assist you with all the logistical details, from identifying appropriate funding opportunities, over proposal editing and budget development, through proposal submission, all the way to contract negotiation and signing when you win a grant.