Compliance & Audits

Our mission is to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, and funder regulations regarding research. The primary objective of the Compliance Office is to provide information, training, and internal controls that are needed to meet the laws, rules, and policies governing sponsored research at Cal Poly Humboldt.

Periodically, Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) grants and awards are audited by federal, state, or other sponsoring agencies. Sponsors/funders review the grant expenditures to ensure terms and conditions of the award have been met. Audits are coordinated through SPF. In the event award personnel are contacted regarding an audit or a program review, immediately contact the Compliance Officer.



Single Audit

The Single Audit, also known as the 2 CFR 200, Subpart F – Single Audit, is a rigorous, organization-wide audit for entities receiving and expending $750,000 or more of federal funds in a fiscal year. SPF receives grants and awards from a variety of federal agencies. As such, we undergo an annual financial statement single audit of our operations which is conducted by an outside, independent Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm. Please refer to our Financial Information to view our most recent financial audits.

Chancellor's Audit

The Office of Audit and Advisory Services (OAAS) conducts a wide variety of audits and reviews of campus resources and programs. The reports from these activities are located on the CSU's website under Auxiliary Organization Reports.


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