Time & Effort Certification

Compliance with Sponsored Programs Foundation’s (SPF) Time and Effort Certification process is mandatory for grant employees. Payroll charges represent a significant portion of grant related expense; this process helps us to comply with the rules and regulations set for in Uniform Guidance. If you have received a request to certify Time and Effort from SPF and have any questions, please contact William Cook, SPF Compliance Officer, at wac6@humboldt.edu, or (707) 826-5162.


Who: Only those employees that work for both SPF and Humboldt (Campus) and have payroll charges on a Federal or Federal pass-through project.

What: Effort Certification Statement (ECS): This document is used to combine and illustrate an employee’s total effort and is reported as a percentage that always equals 100%.

When: Spring Semester (Jan. - May), Summer Period (June - Aug.), and Fall Semester (Sept. - Dec.).

Why: Federal regulations require an after-the-fact review of payroll charges. This process serves to comply with this requirement.

How: ECSs are sent for certification using Docusign, an electronic signature tool.


Please note: If you receive an ECS and are not familiar with, or believe it is spam, phishing, etc., please contact the SPF Compliance Officer, William Cook at wac6@humboldt.edu or (707)826-5162.