Award Management

Post-Award grants management is the process that encompasses the deployment of university and sponsor policies and procedures pertinent to the administration of a sponsored program. It is also referred to as the post-award administration phase in the life cycle of an award. Sound administration of sponsored programs is critical in maintaining the public trust in research results and outcomes, research participants and how funds are spent.

Various individuals and units at Humboldt need to work together throughout the lifecycle of an award to effectively administer sponsored awards. Here you’ll find information related to some of the primary responsibilities of the Principal Investigator (PI) and Post-Award Grant Analysts (GAs) relative to the post-award phase of the lifecycle, which begins once a project has been awarded to the university. Key in this phase is the successful fiscal management of the award – ensuring that awarded funds are spent per the terms of the award. To that end, GAs will work to familiarize themselves with the specific terms of each award and the policies of each sponsor as well as stay on top of university policies.