Pay An Employee


Last summer, Sponsored Programs initiated a project to convert our current manual timekeeping and payroll processes to an electronic, paperless system known as Kronos Workforce Ready. Kronos Workforce Ready is an electronic, paperless Payroll system which helps to ensure all employees are paid accurately and timely for the work they perform on HSU SPF grants & contracts. When compared to a paper timekeeping system, KRONOS offers significant cost savings by eliminating manual data entry, helping to reduce paper waste and also reducing payroll errors.

 It is recommended that you log in to KRONOS for the first time using your desktop computer or laptop. This will allow you to verify the accuracy of your project information, rate of pay, and personal data in your profile. The KRONOS User Guide can be found here to assist you in this process.

If you need assistance with the system, have questions, or discover that any of your information is incorrect, please call the SPF Front Office at 707-826-4189 or email


Below are a few good FAQ’s to share with your employees:


Do ALL of my employees who fill our SPF timesheets need to attend the in-person trainings?

  • No, but every Kronos user will need some training!
  • The first 15-20 minutes of each in-person training covers “employee specific” information. The last hour covers additional information for PI’s and approved signers. There is time for questions/answers throughout the training. If you feel comfortable, you may attend the training yourself, and then train your employees later.

Ultimately, SPF wants to ensure we offer enough opportunities to troubleshoot before the “go live” and confirm all employees are seeing their correct projects when they login. Students, PIs/Supervisors and occasional employees are also welcome to drop in during normal business hours or call our Front Office with any specific questions or if they have difficulty logging in.  


What do SPF employees need to do when the system goes live?

  • Starting on May 16, 2019, SPF employees will begin to log into KRONOS regularly to submit any time worked on SPF projects. SPF will no longer be accepting paper timesheets after the first half of May. ALL future timesheets will be submitted through KRONOS starting with the May 16-31th Payroll Cycle.


Where do I go to access KRONOS?

  • A KRONOS icon (pictured below) is now accessible in your MyHumboldt portal through “single sign-on”. If you have trouble accessing the link, please contact Brittany Bauserman at (707) 826-4172 or email