Export Control

Sponsored Programs Foundation (SPF) complies with federal laws and regulations governing exports and ensures that compliance is consistent with the University’s open academic environment. See the SPF Export Control Policy for more information.

Certain types of equipment, software, and technology are regulated by the U.S. government and this may impact the university and its employees’ ability to host international visitors, participate in international conferences, and conduct research in a completely open environment. While the CSU remains dedicated to academic freedom and openness in research, it must comply with the various laws and regulations known as export controls.  Non-compliance with export controls may subject the university and individuals involved to civil and criminal penalties. For more information on guidelines Click Here.

It is extremely important not to ship any equipment, materials, or technologies outside of the U.S. without first conferring with our office to determine if a license is required. Export regulations govern any transfer of physical objects (equipment, compounds, materials, prototypes, specimens, or information) outside the United States.

There are many exports that do not require a license (depending on what and where the item is being sent), as well as many exceptions. When a license is required, we can help you obtain it as needed. Restrictions change frequently so it is important to check before you travel. The federal penalties for export control violations can vary, but usually include monetary fines and prison sentences. Recently, a University of Tennessee professor was sentenced to prison for violating export control laws.

If you are traveling abroad, think about what kinds of information/technology you will be carrying with you or sharing with colleagues and collaborators.

Laptops and mobile devices are not usually subject to export controls if you are using them as part of your work. However, if you have sophisticated or specialized software, you may require a license to travel with it. Commercially available items are usually not restricted, but you should always check first before physically shipping something outside of the country. Click Here to view the Federal Guidelines on Export Controls.