Managing your Award

SPF supports Principal Investigators (PI's) and their staff in managing projects throughout the award lifecycle. There are a variety of award management functions that SPF conducts to ensure compliance with a project's funding terms and conditions. Basic information about the most common functions is provided in this section.

After the award has been fully executed, the Grant Analyst (GA) requests a new fund number and ensures that the award and budget are set up accurately in the computing systems including OBI. Once the new award is set up, the GA will contact the PI to set up a New Project Orientation meeting. The purpose of the orientation meeting is for the PI and GA to review the specific details related to the new project. Topics include hiring process and payroll, budget revisions and modification procedures, as well as deadlines/milestones for technical, progress and financial reports and purchasing procedures.

Additionally, if there is an identified collaborator or subaward institution, SPF will establish in independent contractor agreement or a subcontract so that all work on the project can get started as soon as possible.

The orientation meeting is an important step in understanding your role and responsibilities as the PI and reviewing the funder’s expectations for performance, progress and deliverables over the course of the project period.

Throughout the life of the award, depending on the sponsor, type of award, approved spending categories, and funded activities, you will work with your GA and SPF to manage your budgetreview and approve expenditures, submit progress reports to the funder, and otherwise engage in aspects of specific compliance requirements. As the award period comes to its end-date, your GA will work with you to follow the standard procedures for closing out a project or to request a no-cost extension on the award if desirable and allowable.