Payroll Schedule

The first pay period of the month for all employees will begin on the 1st, end the 15th, and will be paid on the 25th. The second pay period of the month will begin on the 16th, end the last day of the month and will be paid on the 10th. All employees are required to submit timesheets twice a month through Kronos.

*Note for Supervisors - The ‘Blackout Dates’ listed on the 'updated Payroll Schedule' indicate short time frames where new hiring and/or changes to existing employees (pay rate changes, category re-appointments, etc..) will be put on hold. This will always occur 2-3 business days after the Timesheets Due dates to allow for Payroll processing. Any HR Actions submitting during these dates will be placed on hold until after that short period, to be processed in the following payroll cycle.

In order to meet payroll deadlines employees must submit time sheets through KRONOS by the specified dates at the end of the pay period. An annual schedule of deadline dates and pay dates will remain published on our website. All Timesheets are due by 5:00pm to Payroll on the dates specified in the below schedule:


SPF Payroll Schedule 2023

SPF Payroll Schedule 2024